Wednesday, 29 July 2015

49. Graphium sarpedon sarpedon (The Common Bluebottle)

Number: 49
Family: Papilioniidae
Sub-Family: Papilioniinae
Species: Graphium sarpedon sarpedon (Linnaeus,1758)
Common name(s): The Common Bluebottle, The Blue Triangle (Australia)
Photography location: Hanoi, foothills of Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc Prov.)

Monastyrskii & Devyatkin (2016) listed 20 Graphium species recorded in Vietnam viz. cloanthus, sarpedon, doson, evemon, eurypylus, chironides, leechi, arycles, agamemnon, phidias, macareus, megarus, xenocles, agetes, antiphates, aristeus, nomius, mullah, mandarinus, eurous.
Graphium sarpedon is one of the most wide-ranging Graphium - from India to Australia, range similar to that of  G. agamemnon and G. eurypylus.

This is one of the commonest species of Graphium in Vietnam, being found throughout forested areas over the whole country, both in lowlands and high montane habitats, but can also be seen sometimes in towns and cultivated areas (quite a common sight in Hanoi). The larval foodplant is Cinnamomum.

Graphium sarpedon occurs mainly in forests, often seen flying in great speed near tree canopies, and  occasionally flying low to sip nectar

A Graphium sarpedon puddling at Tây Thiên (Tam Dao foothills), surrounding by some Graphium antiphates (Fivebar Swordtail), Prioneris thestylis (Spotted Sawtooth), Appias albina (Common Albatross), Graphium eurypylus (Great Jay), Catopsila pomona (Lemon Emigrant)... 

Puddle party with G. doson and G. sarpedon

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