Friday, 10 July 2015

1. Mooreana trichoneura pralaya (The Yellow Flat)

Number: 1 
Family: Hesperiidae
Sub-Family : Pyrgiinae
Species: Mooreana trichoneura pralaya (Moore, [1866])
Common name(s): The Yellow Flat
Photography location: Tam Dao foothills (Vinh Phuc Prov.)

The genus Mooreana comprises 3 species viz. M. trichoneura, M. princeps & M. boisduvali. The former one is a wide-ranging Indomalayan species wheras the 2 last ones are only known, respectively, from Philippines (Mindanao) and Indonesia (Sulawesi).

Mooreana trichoneura pralaya is widespread in Vietnam. Tonkin is the type-locality of pelita Frühst., synonymized with pralaya by Evans (1949).

Mooreana trichoneura pralaya, Tam Dao (July 2013)

Another specimen, from Tam Dao also

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