Sunday, 26 July 2015

30. Papilio demoleus demoleus (The Lime Butterfly)

Number: 30
Family: Papilioniidae
Sub-Family: Papilioniinae
Species: Papilio demoleus demoleus Linnaeus, 1758
Common name(s): The Lime Butterfly
Photography location: Hanoi City, Cuc Phuong N.P. (Ninh Binh Prov.)

Papilio demoleus is commonly known as the Lime Swallowtail, as it feeds on a wide range of species of Citrus and other Rutaceae; so is seasonally common throughout Vietnam both in forest and in populated areas, even in large cities, where people often grow Citrus plants in their gardens. 

According to  Monastyrskii & Devyatkin (2016), two subspecies are present in Vietnam viz. demoleus (N.) and  malayanus (C. & S.).

A female P. demoleus: tornal spot on upper side HW is partially orange with more blue scales (in male, it is mostly orange with little blue scale)

Papilio demoleus courtship

A specimen feeding at Lantana flowers in a garden, downtown Hanoi

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