Thursday, 23 July 2015

15. Neptis hylas (The Common Sailer)

Number: 15
Family: Nymphaliidae
Sub-Family: Limenitidiinae
Species: Neptis hylas (Linnaeus,1758)
Common name(s): The Common Sailer
Photography locations: Tam Dao foothills (Vinh Phuc Prov.), Ba Vi (Hanoi)

According to Monastyrskii & Devyatkin (2016), 31 species - and 40 taxa - of Neptis have been recorded in Vietnam. This is a difficult genus with many very similar-looking species.

Neptis hylas, Tam Dao foothills, August 2013
Forewing discoidal streak clavate (club shaped), apically truncate, subapically either notched or sometimes indistinctly divided; triangular spot beyond broad, well defined, acute at apex, but not elongate

Voucher specimen, upperside (Ba Vi, April 2017)

Same specimen, underside
Underside rich orange brown, white markings as on the upperside, but broader and defined in black

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