Sunday, 26 July 2015

35. Mycalesis perseoides (The Burmese Bushbrown)

Number: 35
Family: Nymphaliidae
Sub-Family: Satyriinae
Species: Mycalesis perseoides (Moore, [1892])
Common name(s): The Burmese Bushbrown
Photography locations: Hanoi City, Tam Dao foothills (Vinh Phuc Prov.)

Monastyrskii & Devyatkin (2016) listed 18 Mycalesis species from Vietnam viz. inopia, anaxias, adamsonii, deficiens, gotama, francisca, perseus, mineus, perseoides, intermedia, mucianus, distanti, sangaica, mnasicles, misenus, nicotia, malsara and annamitica.

In my habitual butt hunting grounds around Hanoi, M. perseoides is one of the most common species of the many look-alike species of the genus Mycalesis. It is probably present throughout all lowland areas of Vietnam. In the suburbs of Hanoi, I found it in scrubby thickets in the vicinity of cultivated areas.

Mycalesis perseoides, banana plantation with dense undergrowth, Hanoi

Mycalesis perseoides, Tam Dao foothills, May 2016

Same individual, upperwings
Note the large ocellus in space 2 on the UpF which is clearly ringed with yellow

Another individual from Tam Dao, May 2017

Mating pair of supposed Mycalesis perseoides (dry season form), Hanoi (April 2016)
There are two disctinctive seasonal forms, individuals of the dsf show ocelli on the Un of both wings reduced to black dots.

Mycalesis perseoides male, dry season form, upperside (from Hanoi, March 2017)
Brand on UpH dark brown and wholly above vein 7, covered by a hair tuft

Same individual, underside

Close-up on the brands

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