Saturday, 1 August 2015

57. Eurema blanda silhetana (The Three-Spot Grass Yellow).

Number: 57
Family: Pieriidae
Sub-Family: Pieriinae
Species: Eurema blanda silhetana (Wallace, 1867)
Common name(s): The Three-Spot Grass Yellow
Photography locations: Hanoi, Huu Lien N.R. (Lang Son Prov.), Lai Chau

Monastyrskii & Devyatkin (2016) listed 9 Eurema species in Vietnam viz. brigitta, laeta, hecabe, blanda, andersoni, ada, simulatrix, novapallida and sari - the first six recorded in the North.
The main differences between the species are a) the number of spots in the underside forewing cell, combined with b) the shape of the upperside forewing black markings and c) the shape of the apical area markings on the forewing underside. 

Eurema blanda probably rivals Eurema hecabe for the title as the most common Grass Yellow in Vietnam. Found in urban locations as well as forested areas.

Eurema blanda nectaring on Bidens flower (Hanoi suburbs/agricultural fields)
This species is unique in having three cell spots on the underside of the forewing

Another specimen from Hanoi suburbs also (November 2013)

Mating pair (Lai Chau, January 2017)

Streamside aggregation of puddling Eurema blanda and hecabe, Huu Lien N.R.

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