Sunday, 30 August 2015

125. Discophora deo fruhstorferi (The Banded Duffer)

Number: 125
Family: Nymphaliidae
Sub-Family: Amathusiinae
Species: Discophora deo fruhstorferi Stichel,1901
Common name(s): The Banded Duffer
Photography location: Tam Dao foothills (Vinh Phuc Prov.)

According to Monastyrskii & Devyatkin (2016), the subfamily Amathusiinae is represented in Vietnam by 10 genera: Faunis (5 species), Aemona (7 species), Stichophtalma (8 species), Amathusia (1 species), Amathuxidia (1 species), Zeuxidia (2 species), Thaumantis (1 species), Thauria (1 species), Discophora (4 species), Enispe (3 species).

Discophora species currently known in Vietnam: sondaica, deo, timora and aestheta - the latter described in 2003 from S.Vietnam, Dong Nai Prov., Cat Tien National Park.

Male Discophora deo fruhstorferi in genus Discophora, sexual dimorphism is well developped
Note the secondary sexual character which is the rounded patch with androconial scales located in the discal cell of the UpH

 Male, underside

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