Wednesday, 14 December 2016

222. Pithecops corvus correctus (The Forest Quaker)

Number: 222
Family: Lycaeniidae
Sub-Family: Polyommatiinae
Species: Pithecops corvus correctus Cowan,1966
Common name(s): The Forest Quaker
Photography location: Huu Lien N.R. (Lang Son Prov.)

There are currently 5 species recognized in the genus Pithecops. P. corvus is the most widespread (from India to Indonesia and north to Japan), divided in different subspecies. In Vietnam, two species of Pithecops have been recorded : P. corvus correctus and P. fulgens fulgens 

P. corvus correctus is known from N. India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam (N., C. & S.), S. China.
It is very similar to Neopithecops zalmora but differs in the presence of 2 subcostal black spots on UnF.

Pithecops corvus correctus, Huu Lien, October 2016

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