Monday, 12 December 2016

218. Catochrysops strabo strabo (The Forget-me-not)

Number: 218
Family: Lycaeniidae
Sub-Family: Polyommatiinae
Species: Catochrysops strabo strabo (Fabricius, 1793)
Common name(s): The Forget-me-not
Photography location: Ba Vi N.P. (Hanoi), Huu Lien N.R. (Lang Son Prov.)

There are 7 species in the genus Catochrysops, variously distributed from India to Malaysia, and south across the Pacific islands to Australia, New Caledonia and the Society Islands. The genus is closely allied to Chilades and Euchrysops but unlike them Catochrysops does not include any African species. 

Two species of Catochrysops have been recorded in Vietnam: C. strabo and C. panormus.
C. strabo is found from Pakistan to Indonesia, but unlike the very similar C. panormus it does not reach Australia.

Catochrysops strabo, male, Ba Vi (December 2016)

 Catochrysops strabo, female, Huu Lien (September 2016)
Note FW costal spot far from the postdiscal band; submarginal spots broad, merging to form an irregular continuous band. In C. panormus,  FW costal spot nearer to the postdiscal band ; submarginal spots are a series of chevrons (V-marks).

Catochrysops strabo, female, view of the upperside pattern

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