Tuesday, 10 January 2017

233. Tagiades parra gala (The Multi-spotted Snow Flat)

Number: 233
Family: Hesperiidae
Sub-Family : Pyrgiinae
Species: Tagiades parra gala Evans, 1949
Common name(s): The Multi-spotted Snow Flat
Photography location: Ba Vi N.P. foothills (Hanoi)

The genus Tagiades comprises 17 known species. According to Monastyrskii & Devyatkin (2016), 7 have been recorded in Vietnam: japetus, gana, hybridus, parra, litigiosa, menaka & cohaerens.

Menaka, litigiosa, parra, hybridus and cohaerens show in both sexes large white tornal area of HW reaching space 4, unlike japetus and gana

Tagiades parra gala sipping nectar from Lantana flowers (Ba Vi, January 7, 2017) - my third Tagiades species seen around Hanoi

Same individual
Note the postdiscal HW spots 4 & 5 clumped into a large spot 

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