Monday, 5 October 2015

141. Abisara echerius (The Plum Judy)

Number: 141
Family: Riodiniidae
Sub-Family: Riodiniinae
Species: Abisara echerius (Stoll, 1790)
Common name(s): The Plum Judy
Photography location: Tam Dao foothills (Vinh Phuc Prov.)

According to Monastyrskii & Devyatkin (2016), 11 Abisara species are currently known from Vietnam.
Abisara echerius is represented in Vietnam by two subspecies: echerius (Lang Son and northern areas near Chinese border) and paionea (N., C. and S.).

Male Abisara echerius paionea, Tam Dao foothills

Male Abisara echerius paionea - wing pattern of the underside (left) and the upperside (right)

Abisara echerius, probably subsp. echerius (Tam Đường District, Lai Chau Prov., January 2017)

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