Tuesday, 9 August 2016

202. Neptis harita harita (The Dingiest Sailor)

Number: 202
Family: Nymphaliidae
Sub-Family: Limenitidiinae
Species: Neptis harita harita Moore, 1875
Common name(s): The Dingiest Sailor
Photography location: Xuan Son N.P. (Phu Tho Prov.)

According to Monastyrskii & Devyatkin (2016), 31 species - and 40 taxa - of Neptis have been recorded in Vietnam. This is a difficult genus with many very similar-looking species. Among the chocolate brown Neptis, N. harita is the commonest - recorded throughout the country.

Upperside smoky chocolate brown  with paler brown markings. Note the crescent-shaped spot in space 2 of FW, the hindwing band divided & chain-like.
Some other similar-looking species include N. ilira cindia (recorded from C. Vietnam), N. pseudovikasi (N. Vietnam: Lao Cai), N. omeroda (not recorded in Vietnam).

Voucher specimen, upperside (Ba Vi, April 2017)

Same specimen, underside

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