Tuesday, 3 May 2016

165. Ragadia crisilda (The Striped Ringlet)

Number: 165
Family: Nymphaliidae
Sub-Family: Satyriinae
Species: Ragadia crisilda Hewitson, 1862
Common name(s): The Striped Ringlet
Photography location: Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc Prov.)

Distribution : N.E.India to Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, N., C. & S. Vietnam. Larvae of this forest satyrid feed on Selaginella ferns of the dense forest floor (Fukuda, 1983).

Ragadia crisilda, Tam Dao, 1000m a.s.l. (April 30th, 2016)

The boldly banded underside with a full row of marginal eyespots makes it conspicuous when sitting on green leaves

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