Sunday, 28 May 2017

266. Abraximorpha davidii elfina (The Mimic Flat)

Number: 266
Family: Hesperiidae
Sub-Family : Pyrgiinae
Species: Abraximorpha davidii elfina Evans, 1949
Common name(s): The Mimic Flat
Photography location: Cuc Phuong N.P. (Ninh Binh Prov.)

Abraximorpha is a small Asian genus of Pyrgine skippers comprising 4 known species - davidii, estaheringi pieridoides.  Monastyrskii & Devyatkin (2016) listed 3 species in Vietnam viz. davidii, esta & heringi.

In 2016, Huang et al. established the new genus Albiphasma for Abraximorpha heringi and A. pieridoides.

Abraximorpha davidii elfina, Cuc Phuong N.P., May 2017
This species mimics some moths of the Arctidae and Geometridae families (i.e. Abraxas)

Another individual, same locality

The end of the road...
Specimen captured by Lynx spiders (family Oxyopidae). This active spiders do not build a nest or web but capture their prey by pouncing upon them

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