Saturday, 18 March 2017

258. Arhopala birmana birmana (The Burmese Bushblue)

Number: 258
Family: Lycaeniidae
Sub-Family: Thecliinae
Species: Arhopala birmana birmana (Moore, 1883)
Common name(s): The Burmese Bushblue
Photography location: Hanoi City

I found a specimen of this species in a very unexpected area, namely the Hanoi's Botanical gardens! Probably not migrant or vagrant but adventive specimen (i.e. did not come there with its own strength). Certainly be brought in a batch of forest plants.
Arhopala birmana birmana is recorded in Myanmar, N.Thailand, Laos, Vietnam (N. & C.), S.China. Subspecies asakurae occurs in Taiwan, subsp. hiurai in Palawan (Philippines).

Arhopala birmana birmana, male, upperside, voucher specimen from Hanoi City (August 2016)
ID credit: A. Monastyrskii

Same specimen, underside

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